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Enfin’s AI Virtual Assistant: Boosting HP’s Customer Engagement and Product Sales

How HP’s customer engagement and product sales increased with Enfin’s interactive AI Avatars at a major tech event in Las Vegas.

Enfin’s AI Virtual Assistant: Boosting HP’s Customer Engagement and Product Sales

How HP’s customer engagement and product sales increased with Enfin’s interactive AI Avatars at a major tech event in Las Vegas.


HP sought to redefine the attendee experience at a major event in Las Vegas. By introducing Enfin’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) avatars as virtual assistants, the company aimed to enhance interactions, offering instant access to event-related information and detailed product insights. This approach marked a significant shift towards interactive and responsive attendee engagement and product sales.


The primary goal was to elevate the attendee experience by providing effortless access to essential event details and product information through the use of AI avatars. The initiative focused on creating two distinct types of avatars: a concierge avatar, endowed with detailed knowledge of the event, and a product avatar, aimed at showcasing the company’s extensive product range.

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The foundation of this groundbreaking initiative rested on the strategic creation of two AI-powered avatars, each meticulously designed to fulfill a distinct and vital role in transforming the attendee experience.

Concierge Avatar: Your Digital Guide to the Event

The Concierge Avatar was crafted to serve as the ultimate digital guide for attendees, illuminating the path through the event’s extensive program. This virtual assistant was more than a mere information dispenser; it was a beacon, guiding attendees through the maze of sessions, providing detailed insights into speaker backgrounds, and highlighting the event’s most anticipated moments.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced AI Integration
    By harnessing cutting-edge AI technologies, the Concierge Avatar was engineered to offer real-time assistance with ease and precision. This integration ensured a seamless and enriching experience, making every interaction feel intuitive and engaging.
  • Sophisticated NLP Capabilities
    At its core, the avatar was embedded with advanced Natural Language Processing algorithms, allowing it to understand and process a wide range of human inquiries. This capability was critical in enabling the avatar to engage in meaningful conversations with attendees, providing them with exactly the information they needed when they needed it.
  • Personalized Interaction
    Recognizing the diverse needs and interests of each attendee, the avatar was programmed to tailor its guidance and responses. Whether an attendee sought details on a specific session or needed help navigating the venue, the Concierge Avatar delivered information that was both relevant and personalized, enhancing the overall event experience.
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Product Avatar: Bringing the Product Portfolio to Life

In contrast, the Product Avatar was envisioned as a dynamic virtual showcase designed to vividly present the company’s wide-ranging product portfolio. This avatar went beyond mere presentation; it engaged attendees in interactive dialogues and demonstrations, making each product’s features, benefits, and real-world applications crystal clear.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Interactive Demonstrations
    Through captivating visuals and interactive elements, the Product Avatar brought the company’s products to life, allowing attendees to not just learn about but experience the technology firsthand. This immersive approach helped foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the products.
  • Detailed Product Insights
    Each product’s specifications, advantages, and potential use cases were meticulously programmed into the avatar, enabling it to convey a wealth of information in an accessible and engaging manner. Attendees could explore the breadth of the company’s offerings, gaining insights that would be difficult to replicate through traditional means.
  • Customized Engagements
    Understanding that each attendee’s interests and queries could vary widely, the Product Avatar was equipped to adjust its presentations and responses on the fly. This adaptability ensured that every interaction was as informative and relevant as possible, significantly enhancing the product discovery experience.

These avatars were integrated with advanced technologies, including Natural Language Processing (NLP) and real-time interaction capabilities, to ensure they could accurately understand and respond to attendee queries, providing a personalized and interactive experience.



Concierge Avatar

The concierge avatar was developed with a deep understanding of the event’s intricacies, including sessions, speakers, schedules, and highlights. Key features included:

  • Integration with real-time AI for dynamic interaction with attendees.
  • Customizable responses to fit the unique inquiries of each attendee, ensuring the provision of accurate and relevant information.
  • Utilization of Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms for effective understanding and processing of attendee inquiries.

Product Avatar

Conversely, the product avatar was:

  • Well-versed in the company’s range of products.
  • Capable of detailed product specifications, features, and practical use cases to engage interested attendees.
  • Programmed to tailor responses specifically to address attendees’ queries about the product range.


  • Enhanced Attendee Engagement
    The introduction of AI avatars led to a significant improvement in attendee access to information, reducing the reliance on traditional, manual inquiries. The avatars’ capability for real-time interaction provided personalized assistance, significantly improving attendee satisfaction.
  • Efficient Information Dissemination
    The concierge avatar efficiently delivered vital event-related information, such as schedules and speaker details, improving attendee navigation and engagement. The product avatar successfully highlighted the company’s product lineup, allowing attendees to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technological solutions offered, gradually boosting product sales.
  • Positive Feedback and Reception
    Attendee feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the ease of use, responsiveness, and utility of the AI avatars in obtaining relevant information. The use of AI not only reinforced the company’s reputation as an industry innovator but also demonstrated the transformative potential of AI in enhancing event experiences.


The deployment of AI avatars at this major tech event in Las Vegas significantly enriched the attendee experience by providing streamlined access to event and product information. The concierge avatar effectively navigated attendees through the event, while the product avatar offered an in-depth exploration of the company’s diverse product portfolio. This initiative highlighted the effectiveness of AI-driven solutions in boosting product sales, customer engagement, and interaction at large-scale events, underscoring the company’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.

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