Live Streaming App Development: Definition, Types, Features and Estimation

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Live streaming app development set up a new range of scope in the live streaming market. The way we consume content from digital devices has changed with the rapid changes in technology. In the bygone days, television was the primary medium of entertainment, and this preference shifted to various video streaming applications. These applications allow users to watch their favorite sports, movies, shows, and so on, and they don’t have to wait up for the streaming over the television. 

The great potential of the live streaming applications over various platforms like android and iOS with cloud data support triggered most businesses in developing a video streaming app. During the past pandemic years, the need for live streaming apps increased immensely. The availability of different applications with live streaming, such as YouTube, Netflix, etc. upholds the necessity of live streaming in the present world.

For choosing the best live streaming app that suits your business, it is crucial to have an idea about the Live streaming app development and the aspects related to it. 

 Live Streaming App

A live streaming app supports the transmission of events that take place in real-time over a dedicated platform with the virtual participation of other attendants. Businesses as well as the common people benefit from live streaming apps. Through these types of apps, businesses attract customers with online programs. There can be live video recordings with a paid stream of sessions. Also, there are IoT-enabled live stream applications to look after children, pets, or housemaids.

Types of Live Streaming Apps

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of live streaming apps that an enterprise can leverage.

Audio Streaming

Audio streaming works same as the all the live streaming apps. As the name suggests it is the streaming of audio, that is, users can listen to the audio without downloading it. Some of the popular examples in the market are Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, etc.

Video on Demand Streaming (VOD)

Video on Demand streaming where users watch their favorite shows and movies without downloading them. VOD is the future of online content consumption. The users can pause, rewind, and resume content without any delays. There is a subscription-based model in the VOD where the users can access content based on their budget. 

Live Broadcasting Apps

Live broadcasting apps are one of the most popular forms of streaming media. Here users can watch videos in real-time. Some of the famous examples are Facebook Live, YouTube Live, and IGTV.

Live Streaming App Development

Live Streaming App development can seem to be a complex process but a thorough understanding of it and well-planning can make it less complex. Also, the development requires a team of skilled professionals with a deep awareness of the latest technologies. There are certain factors you need to consider in the live streaming app development so that it meets your business requirements.

Focus on your target audience

It is one of the foremost aspects to consider before planning your app development process. Understand the needs of your target audience by running a survey about their likes and dislikes of live streaming apps. Based on this you can add innovative features as well as it helps in identifying the challenges that you may face along the way.

Choose a reliable platform for live streaming, hosting, and storage

Always choose a platform that is best for you. It may seem to be a good idea while choosing the cheapest possible provider but here you may end up compromising a great deal on quality. The consumers who stream regularly will be irritated by the laggy streaming or low-resolution videos. The streamed content comes as a hit only when the traffic and the number of users increase.

UI/UX Design

Investing in the best UI/UX design keeps your business top in the competitive market and also, keeps your customers happy. Try to understand the contemporary trends and what your target audience would prefer.

Build and test the MVP

Before jumping right away into the live streaming app development with your ideas and plans, try to test the app out by building an MVP, a basic version of the app that you are planning to build, including some essential features in it. This MVP is meant to check the app’s performance in the market. You can begin the development process with the received responses and feedback from the audience.

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Live Streaming App-Advanced features

User registration

Sign in to the app by giving in your details like email id, and phone number with an OTP verification. Include account authentication and password recovery functions. Social media sign-in will be one of the easiest and most preferred ways to access the platform. 

User profile

It is one of the mandatory features and here the user has control over what they watch. By adding multiple screens, each user can access them separately.


The explore option is one of the must-have features. Try to include as many genres as much as possible in the drop-down search bar and always keep in mind that there will be users from various age groups. 

Push notifications

Notify the users about the popular streams that people follow, to keep users on your app. When a user starts broadcasting, then the notification must reach all their followers.

Multilingual content 

By providing the multilingual content you show that you give preferences to the users who want to switch between regional content and global languages. 


Your live streaming app must also focus on connecting various users. The users must have a chance to express themselves, share content and make friends. 


Try to plan out your app based on the users’ preferences and how you want the users to interact with the app. Try to focus on an interface that all the users, irrespective of their age, prefer to use.


The transmission of audio and video file from a server to users is known as Streaming. And it is possible due to various streaming protocols. Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is one of the most well-known protocols for live streaming. It works simply and precisely. A media player tries to connect with the server and the server responds by sending a video file back. For easy broadcasting, both the server and user end must have high bandwidth. The ability to store streaming content can increase the user experience widely.But for this feature, large storage is required.

Donation system

Donations are one of the main sources of streamers’ income apart from payment subscriptions. The followers can support their favorite streamer through donations on a voluntary basis. The merit of this feature is that it allows the users to apply a message to their donations, that will be visible on the live stream. 

Chat and Privacy

Chat is an essential feature needed in a live streaming app so that the streamer has a chance to communicate with their audience.

Live Streaming App Development Estimation

The cost of the live stream app development depends on the factors given below:

  • Target market
  • Design basics
  • The number of experienced team members
  • Features and functionalities
  • The type of the app you are planning to build
  • Marketing and maintenance
  • Design basics
  • Devices and platform

Choose the right partner for the best Live Streaming App Development

The preferences for live streaming apps are increasing day by day, therefore you need the best solution provider in this competitive market. And knowing about what you want for your business makes you a topper in the field.   

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F. A. Q.

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Live streaming allows real-time transmission of events over a dedicated platform with virtual participation. It enables businesses and individuals to share content instantly with an audience.

A streaming app is an application that enables users to access and consume audio or video content in real-time without the need for downloading. It includes various types, such as live broadcasting, video-on-demand, and audio streaming.

A live streaming app facilitates the transmission of events as they happen, enabling virtual participation. These apps have become increasingly popular for businesses, entertainment, and real-time communication.

Creating a live stream app involves understanding your target audience, choosing a reliable platform for streaming, focusing on UI/UX design, building and testing a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and incorporating advanced features like user registration, search, push notifications, multilingual content, communication, streaming capabilities, donation systems, and chat and privacy features.

Types of live streaming apps include audio streaming (e.g., Spotify), Video on Demand streaming (VOD) for shows and movies (e.g., Netflix), and live broadcasting apps (e.g., Facebook Live, YouTube Live).

Considerations include understanding the target audience, selecting a reliable streaming platform, focusing on UI/UX design, building and testing an MVP, and incorporating advanced features like user registration, search, push notifications, multilingual content, communication, streaming capabilities, donation systems, and chat and privacy features.

Advanced features include user registration, user profiles, search functionality, push notifications, multilingual content, communication features, UI/UX design, streaming capabilities, donation systems, chat features, and privacy settings.

Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) is one of the commonly used protocols for live streaming. It facilitates the transmission of audio and video files from a server to users in real-time.

The cost depends on factors such as the target market, design basics, the number of experienced team members, features and functionalities, the type of app being developed, marketing, maintenance, devices, and platforms.

To choose the right partner, consider their experience in the field, understanding of your business needs, and their ability to provide a competitive solution in the growing market of live streaming apps.

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