Live Video Commerce

Live Video Commerce: A Revolutionary Approach to Boost Online Sales

How Enfin’s live commerce solution promoted Weedeo’s exponential growth and increased customer engagement for the Indian retail industry.

Enfin’s Revolutionizing Approach Boosts Online Sales

How Enfin’s live commerce solution promoted Weedeo’s exponential growth and increased customer engagement.


Weedeo is a Hyderabad-based company founded in 2019, aiming to create a marketplace for brick-and-mortar shop owners in India to sell their products using interactive video. The Weedeo mobile app offers an online shopping experience that simulates the offline shopping experience. It allows customers to connect with real stores via live streaming, enabling them to view products in real time before making a purchase. Additionally, Weedeo ensures fast delivery, with products being delivered on the same day within a couple of hours.



The goal was to develop a unique e-commerce solution that would enable users to engage in chat or video calls with their favourite stores, providing an in-store shopping experience. The Weedeo app aimed to connect customers with real stores across India through live streaming, giving them the opportunity to view products in real time before making a purchase. The key feature of the solution required a 360-degree store experience through interactive video conferencing.

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Design and development of a Live commerce solution

Enfin embarked on a comprehensive development journey in collaboration with Weedeo, focusing on creating separate applications for iOS, Android, and Web platforms. The solution encompassed a range of features, including customized shopping assistance, a 360-degree view of products using interactive video conferencing, and a comprehensive product catalogue. Additionally, Enfin developed dedicated apps for both users and shop owners, accompanied by an extensive admin panel for efficient management of user and shop owner modules.

1. UX/UI: To deliver an exceptional user experience, the UX design process prioritized an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The layout incorporated visually appealing elements, clear navigation, and convenient access to product categories and features. A key focus was placed on ensuring a seamless video-calling experience, enabling effective communication between customers and shop owners.
2. Development: Leveraging our expertise in native technologies, Enfin developed distinct applications for each platform, providing tailored solutions that optimized performance and user experience. A robust backend system was implemented to support critical functionalities such as video calling, real-time data synchronization, and secure payment processing. Integration of third-party APIs facilitated efficient product search and location-based services, empowering users to explore and discover stores effortlessly.
3. Testing and Releasing: Thorough testing procedures were undertaken to ensure the stability, security, and optimal performance of the applications. Upon successful completion, the iOS and Android applications were released on their respective app stores, while the web application was deployed on a reliable hosting platform, guaranteeing seamless access and availability for users.


Increased customer engagement and exponential business growth

Enfin’s collaboration with Weedeo resulted in the successful development and deployment of a unique LIVE-commerce solution for the Indian retail industry. The platform effectively bridged the gap between offline and online shopping, generating positive outcomes for both customers and shop owners.

  • The platform facilitated interactive video calls, allowing customers to directly engage with shop owners, negotiate prices, and gain confidence in their purchases.
  • Weedeo’s fast delivery service within a few hours enhanced customer satisfaction and accelerated sales.
  • The platform experienced a steady increase in the number of registered shops and customers, establishing itself as a trusted LIVE e-commerce solution for the Indian retail industry.

Weedeo’s exponential growth and increased customer engagement validated the success of the solution in the market.

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