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Real-time communication is a solution that has widely caught the attention of large audience. In the olden times, letters were the medium that connected people with their distant dear ones. And later on, the growth and evolvement of digital facilities gave the world the opportunity to connect with their distant ones in real-time. Now, I think it’s clear to you what Real-time Communication is.

Real-time Communication (RTC) is telecommunication that can be in any model (voice, video chat, etc.), where the exchange of information takes place right away, with minimal latency. Real-time communication includes a broader range of tools and services that helps us connect with others in real time. 

Evolution of Real-time Communication

In the early 1900s, the American masses were introduced to Real-time Communication with the development of the Public Switched Telephone Network. This bought a radical change in long-distance communications. A transcontinental telephone line was debuted, for the first time in history, in 1915. This enabled interactive conversations between those who were separated by 3000 miles and more as if they are in the same place. Real-time Communications got revolutionized during the 20th century, with the coming of high-speed internet, mobile phones, and other smart devices. In 2011, Google released an open-source webRTC project, which was a significant milestone for RTC technology.

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Real-time Communication Tools

Real-time communication tools are something that is unavoidable in our daily lives. There are plenty of real-time communication examples around us, and the most obvious among them is our mobile phones. The Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) apps that route calls via the internet, like Skype, are also considered as RTC. Live video streaming, instant messaging, social media, screen sharing platforms, etc., are some other notable examples of real-time communication.

How Real-time Communication work?

In Real-time communication, data is transmitted from a source to a determined receiver, but it doesn’t get stored in between at any point. There are two modes of RTC data transmission, Half Duplex, and Full Duplex.

Half Duplex: The data transmission takes place bi-directionally on a single circuit or carrier, but not simultaneously.

Full Duplex: The data transmission takes place bi-directionally on a single circuit or carrier, simultaneously.

The next in Real-time Communication

Interactive Video

Real-time communication is the sole reason that people have found various new ways to interact with each other through digital tools. One of the prime technology that allows interactive video streaming is webRTC. An RTC tool that delivers latency that is low enough, makes it possible for the viewers to see the live-streamed content and react to it. The e-sports and live commerce are already becoming a matter of common thing in the lives of people.


Real-time communication has its deep roots in various sectors of the world. Within these past years, people have accustomed to real-time communication, to note in the field of education and telemedicine. Soon the RTC will strengthen its roots in the finance sector and OTT services.

Machine Learning 

In order to improve RTC features like voice bots and speech analytics, Real-time communication is getting paired with deep learning and neural networks. It is machine learning and RTC that brings more clarity to both video and audio real-time conversations. A lot more progress is expected in Real-time communications.

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Real-time Communication (RTC) in communication refers to the instantaneous exchange of information with minimal latency, allowing interactive conversations and data transmission in various forms such as voice, video chat, etc.

In a real-time system, real-time communication is the process where data transmission and exchanges occur instantaneously, enabling immediate interaction and response in systems like telemedicine, live streaming, and so on.

CAN, standing for Controller Area Network, is a specialized network protocol primarily used in automotive and industrial contexts. It is engineered to enable microcontrollers and various devices to interact with each other within a system without needing a central host computer. 

The Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) protocol is commonly used for real-time communication over the Internet. It facilitates peer-to-peer communication, enabling voice, video chat, and file sharing directly in web browsers.

Future prospects include advancements in interactive video streaming, deeper integration in various business sectors, and further development in conjunction with machine learning and neural networks.

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