What is UCaaS? How is it important for the modern remote workforce?

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When we count out the changes that took place in societal aspects over the last two years, it is numerous, and the changes took over within a wink of an eye. The work culture, education, our lives, everything was altered. Unified communication solutions played a vital role in stabilising the work-from-home culture, online learning, etc, that came up with these changes. It offered innovative and easy solutions every day.

The growing demand for unified communication for large and small businesses as well as the need for innovations led to the uprising of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). A recent study points out that harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in Unified Communications brought an average growth rate of 13.4% in the UCaaS market. Being an eye-catcher in the digital world, let’s know what UCaas actually is.

What is UCaaS?

According to IT consulting major, Gartner, the UCaaS, Unified Communication as a Service, is a cloud-delivered unified communications model that supports six communications functions:

  • Unified Messaging
  • Communications enabled business processes
  • Mobility
  • Enterprise telephony
  • Audio-video meetings and web conferencing
  • Instant messaging and presence (personal and team)

The infrastructure of UCaaS is owned, maintained, operated, and delivered by the service provider. The UCaaS model breaks away from the earlier way of availing various services from various service providers and assembling them at a premises to use the unified communications solution. Using UCaaS, it is seamlessly able to combine the capabilities of all vendors in the value chain to get a unified communication solution immediately. It integrates multiple communications and collaboration apps by a single cloud-delivered service. The freedom to access all the services by a single source platform by different users in various ways improves the organization and efficiency. In order to make UCaaS accessible to all types of businesses without a large expense, the unified communications model hinges on a pay-as-you-go plan.  

Ensure your business stays ahead by adopting a future-proof UCaaS solution.

How UCaaS is important for the modern remote workforce?

UCaaS is something that fills up all the gaps in a hybrid working model. The innovative productivity tools came to the forefront with the development of unified communication solutions. And UCaaS has become an important factor in the contemporary work culture. Given below are some of the reasons why it is important for the modern remote workforce.

Flexibility: The communication tools and collaborations function online while you are using a cloud-based system. Thus, the unified communication solution provider can fix up any issues immediately, irrespective of any tool you use and your location. This proves that your employee can work from anywhere, with an internet connection.

Security: A break in your connectivity in communications can cost you a lot in the digital market. While adopting UCaaS from a top unified communication solution provider can save from most of the hassles. A reliable solution provider hands out you a seamless and effective service. The more secure feature attracts employees as well as customers.

Productivity: The transition to remote working has brought up many challenges in life and work routines. The unified communication solution providers developed a central hub for communication and collaboration in order to resolve the confusion while using various tools from different providers, that hamper work productivity. A central hub for all tools keeps everyone connected. Here, your employees overcome the constraints and challenges that come up with fragmented systems of interconnection. The capability of switching from one medium to another makes it convenient for the employees while working. Collaborating and navigating conversations with various solutions impart productivity.

Scalability: On the basis of the work premises, whether be it at the office space or at home, unified communication service providers ensure that your operations can be scaled as per the business requirements.

Portability: As the workforce grows, the need to keep them under one roof becomes quite challenging. Therefore, unified communication is the only way to connect them together. There will be a seamless communication between employees and customers. The entire team in a company can use the same software and technology due to a single unified communication solution provider.

Cost-effective: The benefits of UCaaS come with its cost-effectiveness. Rather than spending on distinct channels, such as chat, video, voice, spending on a single platform makes it much more affordable. Due to this affordability, UCaaS is also suitable for small businesses. It also provides the benefit of having just one main cost, either as a licence or monthly. The budgeting can be done with predictability and foresight on a monthly basis.

The features an ideal UCaaS provider must have

Do your research and look out for the top unified communications service provider for your requirements and to avoid issues that can arise with carelessness in choosing the right one.

Full-featured: Make sure that your chosen unified communication solution can be upgraded in the future. In case of supporting your customers, a tool like video and audio conferencing, call barging, dynamic IVR, call recording can be a handful.

Stability: Only sign up with the providers who can provide you with a stable UCaaS. A stable solution will be 100% uptime and reliable for your growing business.

Customer Support: For guidance and other quick rectification, a responsive customer support is necessary. Look for the best customer support for your needs.


Choose the top Unified Communication Solution!

Finding a suitable unified communication solution may seem to be a tough task but it is not something that is impossible. There is a wide range of options for you, try to choose the best solution provider for your business.

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UCaaS stands for Unified Communication as a Service, a cloud-delivered unified communications model. It supports six key communication functions: Unified Messaging, Communications-enabled business processes, Mobility, Enterprise telephony, Audio-video meetings and web conferencing, and Instant messaging and presence.

UCaaS is crucial for the contemporary work culture due to factors such as flexibility, security, productivity, scalability, portability, and cost-effectiveness. It enables employees to work from anywhere, ensures secure communication, enhances productivity, allows for scalability based on business requirements, connects dispersed teams seamlessly, and is cost-effective.

To ensure a successful UCaaS implementation, businesses should look for providers with certain features. These include being full-featured, allowing future upgrades, providing stability with 100% uptime, and offering responsive customer support. Additional features like video and audio conferencing, call barging, dynamic IVR, and call recording can be essential for customer support.

UCaaS ensures that operations can be scaled based on business requirements, whether at the office space or remote locations. This scalability allows businesses to adapt to changing work premises and requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication system.

UCaaS is cost-effective as it consolidates various communication channels (chat, video, voice) into a single platform. This consolidation reduces costs associated with distinct channels and provides predictability in budgeting on a monthly basis. The affordability of UCaaS makes it suitable for small businesses, allowing them to access advanced communication solutions without a significant financial burden.

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