Interactive LIVE virtual classroom solution for the medical students

How Government Medical College Thiruvananthapuram Successfully Conducted Online Classes During Covid-19 using the virtual classroom solution developed by Enfin

Interactive LIVE virtual classroom solution for the medical students

How Government Medical College Thiruvananthapuram Successfully Conducted Online Classes During Covid-19 using the virtual classroom solution developed by Enfin


Government Medical College Thiruvananthapuram (TMC) is a prestigious medical college located in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, India. It is a government-funded institution that provides medical education and healthcare services to the people of Kerala and neighbouring states. Established in 1951, the college has a rich legacy of academic excellence and has produced many renowned doctors, researchers, and medical professionals over the years.

TMC has a diverse faculty of experienced professors, doctors, and healthcare professionals who are committed to providing high-quality medical education and training to their students. TMC is also actively involved in medical research and has collaborations with many national and international organizations.

Case study - Thiruvananthapuram Medical College

The Problem

The Covid-19 pandemic had caused nationwide lockdowns in India, forcing educational institutions to close their campuses and shift to online modes of education. TMC was facing a similar challenge, as the college had to temporarily suspend its regular classes to comply with the government’s directives. Medical college professors were looking for a reliable system to conduct online classes that could cater to the needs of their students. TMC required a software solution that could handle multiple batches, accommodate thousands of students and provide real-time interaction between professors and students.

The Solution

Developing a scalable and reliable LIVE virtual classroom solution

We implemented a highly scalable virtual classroom software that enabled the college to conduct online classes for its students. The software solution we developed had the following features:


Real-time video and
audio streaming


Live chat and
file sharing


Whiteboard and
screen sharing


Training and
support provided




Robust, scalable


Minimal technical
expertise required



Case study - Thiruvananthapuram Medical College

These features allowed TMC to conduct online classes with ease, enabling the professors to deliver lectures, answer questions, and conduct interactive sessions with students in real time. The virtual classroom software solution provided the students with the flexibility to access the classes from anywhere and at any time. The software solution we provided proved to be an effective tool for the medical college during the pandemic, allowing them to continue their academic activities without disruption.

The Result

Improved academic activities and increased student engagement

The virtual classroom solution we implemented for Government Medical College Thiruvananthapuram (TMC) had a significant impact on the college’s ability to conduct online classes during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are some of the results and impacts of our solution:

1. Higher student Engagement: The interactive features of the virtual classroom software, such as real-time video and audio streaming, live chat, and file sharing, resulted in higher student engagement during the online classes. This resulted in more effective learning and retention of the course material.

2. Successful transition to online classes: TMC was able to successfully transition from traditional in-person classes to online classes with the help of our virtual classroom solution. This enabled the college to continue its academic activities without any significant disruptions during the pandemic.
3. Improved efficiency: The virtual classroom solution improved the efficiency of the college’s academic activities. Professors could deliver lectures from anywhere, and students could access the course material at their convenience. This resulted in more efficient use of time and resources for both the professors and students.
4. Increased accessibility: The virtual classroom solution provided increased access to education for the TMC students. They could attend online classes from anywhere and at any time, making it more convenient for them to continue their education during the pandemic.
Case study - Thiruvananthapuram Medical College

Overall, our virtual classroom solution had a positive impact on academic activities of Government Medical College Thiruvananthapuram during the Covid-19 pandemic. The solution enabled the college to continue its educational activities without any significant disruptions, resulting in increased accessibility, higher student engagement, improved efficiency, and reduced costs

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