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Elevating Business Education with Immersive Virtual Classroom Experience

Discover how Enfin redefined digital learning experience with an advanced virtual classroom setup, bringing an unparalleled, in-person classroom feel to online education for a prominent business school.

Elevating Business Education with Immersive Virtual Classroom Experience

Discover how Enfin redefined digital learning experience with an advanced virtual classroom setup, bringing an unparalleled, in-person classroom feel to online education for a prominent business school.


At the forefront of educational innovation, Enfin Technologies proudly unveils a case study that showcases a leap in online learning. Our collaboration with a leading business school has set a disruption and innovation in virtual education, closely mirroring the lively and real interaction experience of a traditional classroom.


One of the top 10 globally ranked business school, with 5 campuses globally in Asia Pacific and Europe, with a heritage of excellence and a reputation for fostering innovation, faced a pivotal challenge in the realm of digital education. With 5 campuses in Asia-Pacific and Europe, they run 50+ online and offline business programs/courses, delivering online business courses to global students.

They sought an advanced solution that could capture the essence of their esteemed on-campus experience and translate it into the digital world. The objective was multifaceted: to maintain the school’s standard of teaching excellence, to enhance student engagement in a remote setting, and to ensure that the sense of community and interactive learning, which were hallmarks of their physical classrooms, were not lost in translation to an online platform.


An innovative way to engage students around the globe

An innovative way to engage students around the globe The need of the business school became increasingly critical in the wake of global shifts towards remote learning. The school recognized that traditional video conferencing tools and standard online classrooms were insufficient for their goals. They envisioned a more sophisticated, immersive environment where interactions were not just possible but were as natural and dynamic as in a physical classroom. The school aimed to break down the geographical barriers, making its top-tier education accessible to a global audience without compromising the quality of interaction, engagement, and learning experience that its students and faculty had come to expect.

ELO room


Enfin’s Innovative Virtual Learning Solution

Enfin Technologies’ solution was a paradigm shift in virtual learning, blending cutting-edge technology with educational insight to create an unprecedented online learning environment:

  • Futuristic Studio Design: At the heart of our solution was a custom-designed studio, fitted with 18 cutting-edge, ultra-high-definition video screens arranged in an immersive arc. This innovative design created a virtual amphitheatre, allowing every participant to be seen and interact as if they were in a physical classroom setting.
  • Advanced Acoustic Technology: To mimic the natural acoustics of a classroom, we implemented high-fidelity hanging microphones and sophisticated speaker tracking cameras. These technologies ensured that every spoken word, whether a question from a student or a lecture point from a faculty member, was crystal clear and dynamically focused, fostering a seamless flow of conversation.
  • Real-Time Interactive Platform: We integrated a suite of interactive engagement tools into the virtual classroom. These included real-time polling, instant quizzes, and the capability for students to participate in breakout sessions. This level of interaction was pivotal in replicating the collaborative and engaging atmosphere of a live classroom.
  • Intuitive and Adaptive User Interface: Recognizing the diverse tech proficiency among users, we developed a user interface that was both intuitive and adaptable. This interface facilitated easy access to all the classroom’s features, ensuring that technology was an enabler, not a barrier, to learning.
  • Robust and Scalable Infrastructure: Our infrastructure was designed for scalability and robustness, capable of supporting large-scale, simultaneous user participation without any dip in performance. This allowed the school to offer a variety of classes, from small group discussions to large lecture sessions, all with the same level of interactivity and engagement.
  • Seamless LMS Integration: To ensure continuity and ease of use, our solution was seamlessly integrated with the school’s existing Learning Management System. This integration provided a unified platform for course materials, discussions, and virtual classroom access, simplifying the learning process for students and faculty.
  • Comprehensive Support and Customized Training: To facilitate a smooth transition to this advanced system, EnfinTechnologies offered extensive support and training tailored to the needs of the faculty, staff, and students. This included detailed training sessions, user guides, and dedicated technical support to ensure everyone could leverage the full potential of this innovative solution.


The implementation process was extensive:

  • Designing and building a specialized studio tailored to integrate advanced audio-visual technology.
  • Extensive training programs for faculty to master the intricacies of the new system.
  • Multiple pilot tests to fine-tune the user experience, address technical challenges, and optimise interaction quality.
  • A structured, phased rollout, initially focusing on a few courses to gather feedback and ensure a smooth transition before expanding to the entire curriculum.


Increased ROI and superior educational outcomes through digital innovation

The implementation of this advanced Live virtual classroom solution yielded remarkable results, transforming not just the learning experience but also demonstrating a significant return on investment (ROI), a key factor for educational institutions.

  • Enhanced Student Engagement and Satisfaction: There was a substantial increase in student engagement and satisfaction levels. The immersive nature of the virtual classroom closely replicated the interactive and dynamic environment of an on-campus classroom, leading to higher attendance rates and more active participation.
  • Increased Global Enrollment and Diversity: The business school experienced a surge in enrollment, particularly from international students. This global reach not only bolstered the school’s reputation but also enriched the learning environment with diverse perspectives.
  • Improved Academic Performance: With the enhanced engagement and interactive tools, students showed improved academic performance and deeper comprehension of course materials, as evidenced by grades and feedback.
  • Faculty Satisfaction and Innovation in Teaching: Faculty members reported a renewed enthusiasm for teaching, appreciating the advanced features that allowed for innovative teaching methods and deeper student interaction.
  • Financial Benefits and ROI: Importantly, the virtual classroom solution proved to be financially advantageous. The increase in enrollment, coupled with the ability to offer more courses with the same resources, led to a significant improvement in ROI. The cost savings from reduced physical infrastructure needs further added to the financial benefits.
  • Setting a Benchmark for Educational Innovation: The success of this initiative set a new benchmark in digital education. It demonstrated that with the right technology and approach, online learning could not only match but exceed traditional learning experiences in effectiveness and engagement.
  • A Model for Future Educational Ventures: The business school’s experience serves as a model for other universities and educational institutions looking to enhance their digital offerings. The combination of technological innovation and pedagogical excellence offers a pathway to better ROI, making this solution a valuable investment for the future of education.


Enfin Technologies’ virtual classroom solution represents a significant leap in the field of online education. This case study exemplifies how innovative technology, when thoughtfully integrated with educational objectives, can create a vibrant, effective, and financially rewarding learning environment. It serves as a beacon for educational institutions worldwide, showcasing the potential for higher ROI and superior educational outcomes through digital innovation.

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