Custom Telemedicine Software Development: How does telemedicine software work?

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Telemedicine software development has been a prime factor in increasing the efficiency of medical services. The start of the recent pandemic all over the world, when healthcare clinics and other institutions could no longer cope with the sudden influx of patients, triggered the development of telemedicine solutions. Telemedicine gives a chance for patients to get their consultations online, provides timely advisory assistance, makes a preliminary diagnosis, sends test results to patients, and gives prescriptions for medications. And all this inevitably led to a reduction in the cost of health care services.

What is Telemedicine and what software is used in it?

The exchange of medical information from one location to another using electronic communication, which assists in improving patients’ health status, is known to be Telemedicine. Telemedicine software development makes real-time data access, health monitoring, remote patient management, and many other medical services easier. There are multiple applications in telemedicine that can be used for various services. Knowing more about telemedicine software development guide you to the right service provider for your business needs. 

Since the software is the foundation for all you can do in telehealth solutions development, it is important for any practice transitioning into telemedicine. Given below is the software used in Telemedicine software development.

Telemedicine software

Any technology that allows medical providers to treat patients remotely using secure telecommunication tools such as video chats, phone, or email is Telemedicine software. It is a broad category with an included telemedicine mobile app, virtual waiting rooms, etc., that can include appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, and remote patient monitoring.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software 

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software is a set of tools and features that allows a healthcare provider to create, store, and update digital health records effortlessly and securely. EMR software can be interchangeably used as Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. Clinical reporting, order entry, digital charting, and decision support are the common features of EMR software.

Remote patient monitoring software

Remote patient monitoring software can be said as a subsection of telemedicine software that offers more relevant features in remote patient monitoring, allowing healthcare providers to consult patients irrespective of their location. The remote patient monitoring devices automatically collect patients’ health data such as heart rate, blood pressure, pulse rate, oxygen level, etc.

How does telemedicine software work?

The primary goal of telemedicine software development is to create a suitable environment for physicians-patients interaction. Telemedicine software solutions services can be divided into mainly four types.

Planned care

Planned care is a type of telemedicine solution that runs for a patient checkup after an in-person visit. Doctors can interact with their patients based on their treatment plans. They can stay connected through texts or voice call messages.

Self-care tech

Only a few out of various self-care techs provide professional support for patients. These types of telemedicine solutions track the oxygen level, blood pressure, and heart rate of the patients. These telemedicine solutions are coupled with IoT devices.

On-demand urgent care

It is from digitalization that emergency care gains the most. You’ll need to add audio and video support, Google calendar, document management, and the integrated EHR system in order to create the custom telemedicine app.

Mental support

Telemedicine software development played a huge role in delivering mental health services to users’ homes.

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What type of activities are performed with the help of Telemedicine software?

There are three major types of services that the Telehealth software system covers.

Real-time interaction

There are a lot of benefits that come up with remote real-time interactions between doctors and patients. It is through real-time interactions such as chat or real-time video that doctors and their remote patients get connected. The real-time interaction takes place during primary and preventative care, consultation, follow-ups, etc.


Telemedicine solutions support the data exchange between patients, healthcare providers, other medical staff, etc. Secure and functional telemedicine software allows the sharing of sensitive data such as medical records, lab results, videos and images, prescriptions, etc. 

Remote patient monitoring

Remote monitoring is one of the valuable methods that assure frequent monitoring, efficient treatment, reduce costs and increase patient satisfaction. This type of telemedicine service is suitable for patients with high risks, chronic conditions, etc.

How much does telemedicine software development costs?

At Enfin, we deliver top-tier telemedicine solutions that seamlessly meet your business requirements. Also, we provide you with the best affordable budget for your telemedicine software development. The cost can vary based on software types, the complexity of the features, design, other integrations, and the dedicated developers’ rate.

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Benefits for patients
  • Accessibility
  • Reduced service cost
  • Convenience
Benefits for healthcare providers
  • Better cross-team cooperation
  • Fewer canceled visits
  • Increased revenue
Benefits for doctors
  • Medical record-keeping
  • Paperwork management
  • Efficient time management
For patients
  • Registration
  • Profile management
  • Video meeting
  • Text messaging
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Notifications
  • Reviews
  • Payment details
For doctors
  • Profile for doctors
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Communication
  • Internal data exchange
  • Make a plan on what you want to build
  • Scrutinizing your business goals and project concept
  • UI/UX design
  • Product development
  • Testing
  • Delivery and maintenance

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