Dedicated Developers VS Freelance Developers: Know And Hire The Right Dedicated Developer Team

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Hiring dedicated developers based on the needs of your project is crucial, and selecting dedicated developers, or freelance developers, is much more essential in this current digitalized era, where mobile application development and web application development have reached the peak of the business market.

You must be aware of the priorities concerning your project before choosing dedicated developers. Here are some of the factors that will guide you to opt between dedicated developers and remote freelancers. 

Hiring Dedicated developers’ team

Full-time dedicated developers are assigned by any software development company that offers full-time development services in order to complete the projects. A trustworthy bond will be formed between full-time developers and company authority and customers. Also, within a comparatively smaller period of time, the full-time developers can provide a quality service. Hiring a dedicated developer from a reputed company helps you develop product quality and the business. In order to upgrade the development with high quality and durability, software development companies always use their own software tools and enterprise-grade tools. You can focus on the primary merits of hiring dedicated full-time developers, and they are,

  • Specialization
  • Safety and security
  • Quality over quantity
  • Well maintenance
  • Responsibility
  • Accessibility
  • Reasonable pricing
  • Transparent communication
  • Strong support system
  • Ample resources
  • Hiring Freelance Developers

Be it a short team or long-term project, to work on a development process, software development companies hire a freelance developer or freelance developers’ team. When it comes to the bond between the developers and the company or developers and customers, it all depends on the time span and the requirements of the particular project. These freelance developers enjoy the liberty of working for different clients and companies simultaneously.  In the present day, you can hire freelance developers at a reasonable price, and they will be specialized in some specific skills. Based on your requirements and criteria, you can hire freelance developers through so many websites online.

You must be very aware of the potential consequences while hiring freelance developers. Go through the reviews and feedback given on their previous projects before you hire them.  It is crucial for you to know the whereabouts of the freelance developer beforehand in order to avoid any downfall. Consider the following factors before hiring a freelance team.

  • Proper curriculum vitae
  • Reliability and responsibility
  • Communication skills
  • Feedback from previous customers
  • Well maintenance
  • Proper skills to support during any crisis
  • Pricing
  • Safe and secure

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How to choose your dedicated developers’ team

Differentiating between the bond of dedicated developers and freelance developers with the clients and companies may help you in your selection of developers based on your project criteria. 

  • Regarding the resources and work performances of the development process, a software development company is always responsible to its clients. For full-time developers, they are given the first chance for their skills and expertise. And in the case of freelancers, there lies the possibility that they lack the specialization or quality performance needed for a specific project.

  • Dedicated developers tend to focus on quality and complete the project within the deadline when you hire them from a renowned company for a long-term project. While freelance developers are not bound to any specific rules, and they may fail to complete the work before deadlines. Also, they may compromise the quality of the work in order to finish them on time.

  • Various companies run on various rules and methodologies in order to satisfy their clients. The freelancers cannot stick to the specific rules of a company, and this can easily dissatisfied clients.

  • Quality project management tools are used by an independent company, and full-time developers are given the opportunity to use the tools to better the standards of the product. The freelancers are not able to use any company standard tools due to the lack of proper resources.

  • One of the most significant features of full-time developers is their availability, whereas the freelancers’ availability is always uncertain during a running project.

  • When you hire a dedicated and full-time developers team enriched with proper resources and skills, the project works run smoothly. And while you are not satisfied with the work quality of the freelance developers, it takes a long time to find another team and train the new freelance team about every aspect of the project.

  • Since freelancers are not bound to any company contract, they can leave the job at any time. When you hire a freelancer, you can expect a delay in project submission, and in the case of full-time dedicated developers, the chances of delayed work are less.

  • Based on the research, freelancers do not seem up to the mark in their performances, and most of them may not be familiar with the upgraded use of technology. Therefore, it is important to check the capability of the freelance team prior to hiring them for any development project.

  • After the development project is over, the dedicated developers’ team will always be available to offer maintenance and support. While freelancers never offer these after-development services for you. And in case you are in need of any services from freelance developers, then you have to pay extra for the services they provide.

Wrap up

Even though it is not a simple process to select between dedicated developers and freelance developers for your business project, it is a fact that full-time and dedicated developers are more advantageous than freelancers. The right dedicated developers from any top-rated software development company can ensure the upgrading of the company’s reputation and performance.

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