Case Study

Online Video-based
E-commerce platform

Online Video-based E-commerce platform

web . android . iOS

Key Features

  • Customized Shopping Assistance
  • 360-degree view of products using Interactive video conferencing
  • Product Catalogue
  • Stores for brands
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Weedeo is a company based out of Hyderabad, India founded in 2019. The company wants to create a marketplace for brick and mortar shop owners to sell their products using interactive video.


Problem faced

Weedeo was looking for a development partner that has experience in developing e-commerce solutions with interactive video, with the key feature of the product, to give a 360-degree store experience using interactive video conference. 


To develop a unique e-commerce solution in the market, that allows the users to chat or video call to their favorite stores to get an in-store experience shopping. The app should provide a hassle-free experience by connecting them to real stores anywhere in India via live streaming; enabling them to have a look at the product in real-time before buying.


Enfin developed the Weedeo application in iOS, Android, and Web. There are separate applications for shop owners, customers, and admin. Customers can simply use the Weedeo application to find the product or shop of their interest and make a video call with its shopkeeper to interact, negotiate price, and can buy the product. 



  • WebRTC
  • Android
  • Swift
  • MEAN
  • AWS Lambda