What’s next for Real-time Communication (RTC)?

In the olden times, letters were the medium that connected people with their distant dear ones. And later on, the growth and evolvement of digital facilities gave the world the opportunity to connect with their distant ones in real-time. Now, I think it’s clear to you what Real-time Communication is.  Real-time Communication (RTC) is telecommunication […]

What is UCaaS? How is it important for the modern remote workforce?

When we count out the changes that took place in societal aspects over the last two years, it is numerous, and the changes took over within a wink of an eye. The work culture, education, our lives, everything was altered. Unified communication solutions played a vital role in stabilising the work from home culture, online […]

What Features Make a Virtual Classroom Solution the Best?

Virtual classroom is a video conferencing platform where the instructors and students interact with each other face-to-face virtually. This video conferencing tool offers an added set of features that are necessary for every particular learning scenario. The virtual classroom has already been used in the various fields of professions even before the pandemic days. However, […]

What is IT Outsourcing? Know and Choose the Best Software Development Company

As a company or business expands, the need for its competent facilities increase; they may lack the internal resources to manage their hiking tasks and operations. This allows the company to search for possible professional support with minimum expense. And here, in this situation, outsourcing works best in software development. In the case of outsourcing […]