How to Build a Video Conferencing App similar to Zoom or Google Meet using WebRTC?

video conferencing app

Video conferencing app development has become one of the most in-demand services in the present era. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to work remotely, and businesses are looking for ways to stay connected with their clients and teams. Video conferencing apps have become the go-to option for remote communication. Zoom, Google Meet, and other similar […]

Telemedicine software development: 3 Key elements to consider while optimizing the customer experience

Telemedicine software development

Telemedicine software development has become an excellent investment since people’s consumption of healthcare services has been influenced by post-pandemic realities. According to McKinsey, over 40% of surveyed consumers stated that they would continue to use telemedicine services after the lockdowns, having experienced the benefits of remote healthcare delivery. This blog will explore 3 key elements to […]